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220V 2800W Portable Dog Cat Pet Grooming Hair Dryer Pet Hairdryer Machine Pink


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    Multiple silencer models, hand position with extra-thick insulated handle and prevent high temperature hot. God Di motors are committed to each batch of 72 consecutive hours by pager test, extremely resistant to load, continuous use for a long time stable. Another use of ultra-high-power 2800w electric wire, heating can be switched high-low, wind speed can freely adjust the size according to governor
    1.Metal material, to avoid leakage hairdryer, strong wind
    2.Multiple silencer to reduce noise, dust filters prevent dust and animal hair into the
    3.Temperature adjustment, CVT
    4.Quick to install, versatile wind mouth
    1.Input voltage:220V  (This item only support 220V)
    Harmful of not dry the hair out for the pet after taking a shower:
    1.Poor resistance
    2.Cause skin disease
    3.Easy fever
    Package Included:
    1 x Pink Pet Grooming Hair Dryer 
    3 x wind mouth
    1 x Pet comb
    1 x Pet waterproof apron
    1 x Pet wash hand brush
    1 x Quick absorbent towel
    1 x Pet hair removal machine



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